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About the Foundation
Abby Whiteside dedicated her life's work to helping students find and convey their emotional connection to music with freedom and clarity at the piano. Whiteside relentlessly pursued and acquired a profound awareness of the physical basis for a performance that is beautiful, moving, and technically fluent, and her approach to piano playing involves the student in a process that is musical from the very start. The Abby Whiteside Foundation was established to keep Whiteside's work alive and to train a new generation of teachers and performers. The Foundation presents an acclaimed concert series at Carnegie Hall, featuring world- renowned artists and promising young pianists in the early stages of their careers. Please CLICK HERE to see this season's performance schedule.

Sophia Rosoff, principal inheritor of Abby Whiteside's legacy and president of the Abby Whiteside Foundation, has inspired a new generation of performers and teachers. Her unwavering commitment to helping pianists reach their greatest artistic potential has earned her the respect and gratitude of musicians around the world. Rosoff's remarkable diagnostic ability and innovative ways of resolving problems have helped many concert artists recover from injuries and return to demanding performance schedules. Primarily a specialist in classical repertoire, Rosoff's gift for helping pianists find their connection to the music has made her a revered and much sought-after teacher among jazz musicians, as well.
Under Rosoff's leadership, the Abby Whiteside Foundation launched an acclaimed concert series at Carnegie Hall, now in its ninth season. Please CLICK HERE to see this season's performance schedule.


Staff and Boards

Sophia Rosoff, President
Nancy Cardozo, Treasurer
Dominic Meiman, Secretary

Board of Directors
Barry Harris
Jane Lahr
Christopher Reed
Bob Resnikoff
Kevin Troy

Founding Advisory Board
Milton Babbitt
Vivian Fine
Miriam Gideon
Morton Gould
Robert Helps
Byron Janis
Eunice Nemeth
Joseph Prostakoff


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